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6 Step Cleaning Process

The rug is picked up and transferred to our facility from one of our rug experts, and is insured by our company from the moment it leaves your home and until it is returned. Once the rug arrives at the factory, it is first tagged, measured, and inspected for any apparent stains, tears, etc. The rugs are categorized by type and a decision is made regarding the most suitable type of cleaning for its nature and age, then our six step process begins.


Step 1 : The rug is dusted using compressed air to safely and thoroughly remove all the dry particles, dust, hair and other debris that need to be removed before washing.


Step 2 : We then wash the rugs on both sides with special, organic shampoos. We provide cleaning materials. We provide cleaning materials approved by the Ministry of Health and that have been awarded standards are used. These are environmentally-friendly materials with no powerful chemicals or substances that damage the color and quality of the wool. The equipment and machines used to inject and disperse the powder are among the best in the market today.


Step 3 : The rug is thoroughly rinsed to remove all contaminates and odor. It is then gently scrubbed under water.


Step 4 : After the washing process, the next step is the wringer machine. Rugs are extremely heavy when they are wet, and are known to grow mildew if they remain damp for too long. The wringer reduces the drying time. Rugs enter the wringer completed saturated and come out with a majority of the water extracted.


Step 5 : Immediately following the water extraction, your rug is gently brushed and groomed and ready to be transported to our drying tower room. After being cleaned, the rugs are dried in a computerized, temperature-controlled drying room that imitates the natural drying process. This specially designed room quickly and effectively dries rugs by controlling heat and humidity. Old rugs that cannot withstand the drying room undergo natural drying.
After the rugs have been dried, they are reviewed, and transferred to the specific repairs department if necessary. Rugs that are only cleaned undergo quality control, brushing and packaging.


Step 6 : We store the rugs in our specially designed storage room where they remain until their delivery to you at your most convenient time.