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Los angeles rug services |Los Angeles Rug repair
|Los Angeles Rug Cleaning|Los Angeles Rug appraisal |
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Los Angeles Rug cleaning | rug repair in los Angeles

Los angeles rug services center |Los Angeles Rug repair | rug repair in los Angeles

   Step 1 : The rug dusted, using compressed air, to safely and thoroughly remove all the dry particles, dust, hair, and other debris that can be removed before washing. If this step is omitted, the dirt becomes mud during the wash, mutes the colors, and continues to abrade and destroy the fibers.
Step 2 : We wash the rugs on both sides with special shampoos. we provide cleaning materials approved by the Ministry of Health and that have been awarded standards are used. These are environmentally-friendly materials � no powerful chemicals or substances that damage the color and quality of the wool. The equipment and machines used to inject and disperse the powder are among the best in the market today from the leading .
Step 3 : The rug thoroughly rinsed to remove contaminates and odor. The rug is gently scrubbed under water with a floating head of a scrubber, then it is again rinsed, with the further use of the compressed air underwater, to remove the dirty water lingering in the rug.
Step 4 : After the washing process, the next step is the wringer machine. Rugs are extremely heavy when they are wet. Rugs are liable to grow mildew if they remain damp for too long. The wringer reduces the drying time. Rugs enter the wringer completely saturated by after being wrung out they do not even drip after hanging them up in our dry tower room.
Step 5 : Immediately following the water extraction, your rug is gently brushed and groomed and ready to be transported to our drying tower room. After being cleaned, the rugs are dried in a computerized, temperature-controlled drying room that imitates the natural drying process. This specially designed room quickly and effectively dries rugs by controlling heat and humidity. Old rugs that cannot withstand the drying room undergo natural drying. After the rugs have been dried, they are reviewed, and transferred to the specific repairs department if necessary. Rugs that are only cleaned undergo quality control, brushing and packaging.
Step 6 : We storage the rugs in specially designed room and They are then returned to the customer at their convenience. Rug Service Centre understands that your Oriental or Persian area rugs can be a major investment similar to a work of art that appreciates in value with proper care and protection Rug Service Centre experience and know-how will help to protect your investment for the long term. Rug Service Centre will correct stains, soiling and other damage and we can further protect your investment by expertly deodorizing, applying stain guard protection and moth proofing in our state of the art cleaning facility.
We specialize in cleaning and protecting delicate wool and silk Persian, Indian, Chinese, and other Oriental carpets based on their specific weaves, fibres, and dyes. Our work is guaranteed and your rugs are fully insured while in Rug Service Centre possession.




Rug End Repairs


Fringe Stitching

Fringes are stitched across the rug, and can be restored by two methods. The first involves assembling prefabricated fringes. The second involves created a restored base in the rug, with manual weaving of the fringe base as well as manual tying. In this manner, the fringe is restored exactly as in the original woven rug.


Repair of Holes / Tears and Worn out Areas in the Rug

In this type of repair, the selected weaving builds the base � the weft and warp threads that run the length and width of the rug. The missing motifs are then manually reproduced. The raw thread that matches the weaving is selected and dyed using the appropriate coloring and dying methods.


Restoration (Color Separation)
In rugs damaged by flooding that resulted in blending of colors, restoration (color separation) is carried out manually using natural materials that do not harm the quality of the color.


After every new rug has been woven, a starch-based material is sprayed on the base / back of the rug that makes it stiff. After the rug has been used for two years, the finishing becomes worn out, replaced by sand that sinks into the rug's base and makes it hard. After removing the sand during the cleaning process, the rug becomes soft and the finishing must be renewed.


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