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Residential and Commercial
Persian & Oriental Rug Undepadding

Rug Pads are an essential support system for any area rug. Contrary to popular belief, area rugs wear from the bottom up. Rug pads act with several different functions, all at an attractive and affordable price. Aside from increasing the lifetime of your area rug, rug pads also offer safety. They decrease the chances that your area rug will slip, preventing possible injury. They also offer comfort. Adding a rug pad underneath your rug increases the softness and the cushion support when walking on your rug. Rug pads also act as a noise reducer. Adding a pad under your rug helps to absorb pressure therefore reducing noise of foot action across the floor. The addition of a rug pad is a smart way to invest in your valuable rug at an affordable price!

Magic Stop for Rugs

Product Features

  • Extends Life of your area rug
  • Designed for hard surfaces
  • Can cut to desired size with household scissors
  • Lightweight for easy placement
  • Durable for longevity

Thin and Non-Slip Only

Product Features

  • Keeps rugs in place on all hard floor surfaces
  • Helps provide safety in your home
  • Helps protect your floor
  • Lightweight for easy placement
  • Holds non-slip property for up to 2 years

All Stop, Non-Slip

Product Features

  • Thick and Durable. Guaranteed Performance.
  • Extends Rug Life. Reversible.
  • Adds comfort and maximum cushioning. Enhances air circulation between your rug and your floor.
  • Makes your Rug Softer

Thick and Non-Slip

Product Features

  • Designed for Carpet or Over Hard Surfaces
  • Excellent Gripping and Rebound Capability
  • Easily Trimmed to fit Specific Sizes
  • Provides Safety & Noise Reduction